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pregnancy : pregnancy dos & don'ts


Hi pretty people.

Kali ni saya nak bercerita pasal pantang larang semasa mengandung. Not kinda makcik-makcik-pantang-larang tapi more to precautions during pregnancy. Sepatutnye saya share ni di awal pregnancy but it's never to late for some knowledge, right?


Throughout your pregnancy, do:
•    Attend antenatal appointments faithfully, whether you are going to a private doctor or the government KKIA. ( Saya hanya buat regular check-ups di private clinic. Memang tak daftar langsung kat KKIA. Pastu sekarang rasa macam nyesal pulak tak wat check-up kat KKIA sama. Kalau pegi check-up sekarang agak-agak cik misi halau balik tak? huhu)

•    Eat healthily and exercise if you can. (OK. I just eat whatever I want. By saying that, I meant all those unhealthy food. Bad momma! And does hours of walking in and out of stores in the malls count as exercise? hehe)

•    Share your concerns and worries about the future with your husband, your family or your doctor. (I never shared my feelings or  concerns with others. I just keep it to myself until I couldn't take it anymore and I cried. I cried a lot during my pregnancy. I know it's bad for the baby, tapi... hmmm)

•    Take advantage of any special services available to pregnant mums, such as seating priority on the LRT or trains, and buggy services at the car parks of major malls. (Tak pernah lagi amik public transportation sepanjang pregnancy ni tapi from my observations selalunye all those seating priority dipenuhi oleh orang-orang LELAKI yang maybe... hmm.. pregnant?)

Throughout your pregnancy, don’t:
•    Stress. (Stress = me. Me = stress. Should I elaborate more?)

•    Forget regular safety rules, such as wearing your seatbelt, keeping your mobile charged and holding the railing when you go up and down stairs. (I always wear my seatbelt. Walaupon perut dah memboyot sekarang ni tapi alhamdulillah saya masih selesa memakai seatbelt. Tapi jangan biarkan tali seatbelt tu menekan perut ye, tarik ke bawah sket & park dia kat bawah perut. hehe. We don't want to put any pressure on the baby and belly)

•    Take any supplements or medicines without checking with your doctor first. (Dari 1st trimester hingga 2nd trimester saya hanya ambil medicines or supplements yang di'prescribed' oleh doktor saya. Masa 1st trimester saya hanya ambil folic acid & calcium tablet sebab saya sakit gigi sangat-sangat masa mula-mula pregnant. Masuk je 2nd trimester, doktor switch the folic acid to obimin. And I continue taking obimin till now and I add the NeuroGain PB on my 7 months pregnancy for my baby's brain development. Ada yang ambil NeuroGain PB since early pregnancy tapi saya risau nanti my baby will be hyperactive due to excessive DHA. huhu)

NeuroGain PB saya beli di Watson's @RM51 nett price. Sesetengah hospital private pon ada NeuroGain ni dan harganya lagi murah dari di pharmacy. Sunward Prenavit tu Obimin. Saya dapat percuma from my clinic during check-ups. Kalo check kat botol harga dia RM39 but you can get the Obimin with a cheaper price at the pharmacies with various brands.

Till then, Assalamualaikum.

Source : babycenter



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