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baby and such : 3D/4D & Detailed 2D Scan


Hi pretty people.

I am in my 20 weeks so it's about time to think about the 4D detailed scan. Not that I'm gonna do the scan anytime soon. It just that I'm surveying for the suitable clinic & affordable cost of course.


My first attempt was Hospital UMRA. I called to their careline number and the CSR lady was so nice. It was my first time on this matter and for sure I had tons of ridicilous questions and she answered it so nicely. 1 point goes to UMRA. hehe. She said I can do my scan after 25 weeks & it won't be a problem to set an appointment now.

So here's the details.


Pusat Perubatan dan Bersalin UMRA (64227-4)
No. 14-18, Jalan Bola Tampar 13/14
Seksyen 13, 40100 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
t  603 5518 4319
f  603 5511 4319

Cost : RM180
Time of scan : Weekdays (2 sessions, morning & evening), Weekends (appt need to be made & the hospital will call you to confirm the day before appt)
What you will get : CD of the scan details and consultation with the O&G afterwards.


After few hours of googling, I bumped into a website that explained all the things that you need to know about 3D & 4D scan in Malaysia.

You can also make an appointment straightaway with the sonographer and not the hospital.


There will be 3 different venue as the appointment is with a freelance sonographer, Miss Jezzlyn. From my reading & bloghopping, she's quite famous among mommies to be in Malaysia. She must be real good then. Before you make an appointment, you must first know what kind of scan that you are looking for. There are 3 type of scan provided by Miss Jezzlyn.

1. 3D & 4D scan
-  memeriksa perkembangan bayi (baby growth) : berat bayi, pembesaran bayi & kadar degupan jantung bayi.
- tidak mengesan kecacatan bayi : struktur kecacatan jantung, kedudukan uri, tahap air ketuban & kedudukan bayi tidak akan dikesan.
- jantina bayi boleh dikesan
- cost : RM120 (CD + 1pc 4R color printout + 20% discount product voucher)

2. Detailed scan dalam 2D
- memeriksa kecacatan bayi dalam 2D : fizikal muka (sumbing), perkembangan otak, struktur kecacatan jantung, organ-organ bayi (buah pinggang, tulang belakang, kira jumlah jari).
- boleh mengesan 70%-80% struktur kecacatan fizikal bayi dan bukannya kecacatan otak (syndrome down).
- dicadangkan melakukan Detail Scan pada minggu 18 hingga minggu 24.
- cost : RM150 (CD + gambar printout + 20% discount product voucher)

3. Pakej 3D & 4D scan + Detailed scan dalam 2D
- baby growth + memeriksa kecacatan bayi dalam 2D.
- boleh mengesan 70%-80% struktur kecacatan fizikal bayi
- dicadangkan melakukan scan pada minggu 18 hingga minggu 24.
- cost : RM220 (CD + 4R color printout +  20% discount product voucher)

Well the price had increased comparing to last year. Will keep on surveying. Try to find some review on Annur's Miss Anson. I heard she's good too.


As promised here's some details on detailed scan at An-Nur Specialist Hospital. Comparing the price with Jezzlyn's, I will definitely go for Jezzlyn. :) 
No 14 & 16, Medan Pusat Bandar 1, 
Seksyen 9 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603 8926 6060 | Fax: +603 8926 606

Detailed 2D scan = RM140.00++
Detailed 3D & 4D =  RM240.00++


Ada satu lagi tempat yang femes among m2b for 3D scan. Vision College. Harga paling murah so far. Tapi kat sini takde wat Detailed Scan and the scan will be conducted by a student. huhu. 

Vision College (Main Campus)
Telephone : +603-7803 8300
Fax : +603-7803 8302
Address :127, Jalan SS 6/12, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 8.00a.m. - 5.30p.m.
Closed on Public Holidays 

Cost : RM90


Update : Saya dah booked for an appointment with Jezzlyn for 3D/4D & detailed 2D scan on 09/05/2013 dekat Poliklinik Annisa', Seri Kembangan. Walaupun Jezzlyn cakap saya dah tak boleh buat 2D detailed scan pasal saya dah 26 weeks on the date (it is advisable to do 2D detailed scan on ur 20 weeks) tapi saya book jugakkkk. hahaha dasar keras kepala.




  1. Hello there, just wanna share some info with you on Vision College's 3D/4D scan :) It is done by their qualified sonographers and not by students. Hehehe, only the free scanning service referred by certain govn clinics will only be scanned by their students. Happy motherhood to you! :P


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